Custom Solutions, Inc.
Don Pierik - Licensed Project Consultant CCB#158203


... you partnered with a “one-stop” shop that
really listened to your ideas AND honored your budget –
giving you the right product at the right price?
... you customized your space the way YOU want,
rather than settle for pre-set limitations?
…you took your budget further by strategically integrating new and old,
affordably creating the inviting space you’ve always imagined?
... someone else did all the dirty work and heavy lifting -
with the same care that you would?
... you entrusted your project to someone who knew
the difference between "getting it done" and "getting it done RIGHT"?

For over 20 years we have been invited into hundreds of homes in the Portland/Vancouver area to help envision and create space-enhancing solutions, and we never get tired of it! It is an honor to partner in that energizing and fulfilling journey. Call us for a free consultation and explore the possibilities!

Join our growing list of satisfied clients -

“Custom Solutions – you know, that is the perfect name for you. We called you about a door repair, and you came in and were able to identify the source of our frustrations with our kitchen and presented very do-able solutions.” – S. Rosenfeld

“Don, you have an amazing ability to make the most of everything that’s there.” – D. Stern

“Thanks again for a great installation job. You are a pleasure to work with.” – J. Grothe